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text&form was founded by four translators in 1996.
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text&form brings together creative minds and technical spirits. A multinational team that works to find the best solutions for our customers every day. Sometimes we choose the road less travelled, and that allows us to excel.


Looking for creative, innovative solutions? You’ll find we speak the same language, in more ways than one.

What we do

text&form offers language services for people, by people.
text&form has enabled leading brands to effectively communicate in worldwide markets since 1996. The company’s industry-leading reputation has been built on consistently high quality deliverables and responsive customer service.

Language services cut to size: A brief history of text&form

It was the beginning of 1996. Four ambitious young translators set out to reinvent the concept of sophisticated language services for their business clients. Their vision: Uncompromising quality, parity with clients and suppliers, and a bit of fun. On March 19, 1996, Kim Harris, Holger Hoffmann, Thomas Ossowski and Thomas Senf, four longtime friends, registered their business in Berlin. text&form GmbH was born.


The concept caught on immediately and the office quickly outgrew itself. The founders moved the company to a spacious floor in a converted factory in the Wedding district of Berlin. From then on, it was continuous growth. A DTP department was the first new addition, followed by a team of developers. In 2005, a subsidiary in Toronto was opened, and in 2009, a multimedia department with a professional recording studio was built.


Since 2004, SAP translation – a highly specialized and complex kind of software localization – has been a mainstay in text&form’s portfolio. In 2010, text&form was designated “SAP Translation Partner of the Year,” a coveted distinction which the company received again in 2014/15.

The Berlin-based service provider is no stranger to the international translation and localization scene. Regular appearances by Kim Harris, Managing Partner, at trade shows, conferences and industry events ensure text&form’s visibility and high degree of professional recognition. With its innovative ideas, strategic partnerships and forward-thinking spirit, text&form has established itself as a Thought Leader in the growing and constantly transforming language services industry.


In 2012, a new team structure necessitated another relocation. This time, 16 years after its founding, the company chose an area that reflected both its maturity and innovative spirit: Mitte. Its present location in the mecca for innovative startups is a perfect fit for the ever-evolving company.


text&form has over 21 years of industry experience. Since then a lot has changed, but its vision and commitment to delivering high-quality and customized language services remains the same. Its ambition, vigor and expertise grow a little bigger and better each day. And, we still have fun too.


text&form is founded by four translators


text&form Inc. in Canada is founded.


text&form is named SAP Translation Partner of the Year.


text&form is named SAP Language Services Supplier of the year.


text&form becomes certified SCHEMA Bronze Partner.


text&form achieves ISO 17100 certification.

How much of a word nerd are you?

If language and technology make your heart beat faster, if details are just as important to you as keeping the bigger picture in mind, and you work well with a multicultural team, we want you to work with us.

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