Happy vendors make for happy customers!

Our freelance partners are important to us

Particularly for translation, text&form depends on an extensive network of freelancers and domain-specific agencies that it has built over the years. The same holds true for our proofreading, copywriting and desktop-publishing vendors.


We expect you to:


  • Deliver impeccable linguistic quality
  • Carefully follow guidelines
  • Stick to deadlines
  • Provide in-depth technical expertise
  • Maintain strict confidentiality


What you can expect from us:


  • A close, long-term working relationship
  • Competent supervision by qualified and friendly colleagues
  • Fair payment
New Talent Is Always Welcome


Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, we would be happy to receive your application if:


  • You have an academic degree in translation or language studies or comparable vocational training and at least 2 years’ translation experience
  • You specialize in the areas of technical documentation, software or marketing
  • You have experience working with standard translation memory systems
  • You have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office products



If you have any questions about working with text&form, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do the bullet points describe you?

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