SAP Translation Course with text&form

SAP Software Translation Course

Learn How To Translate SAP Software!

The translation business is constantly changing and the demands of a professional translator are increasing. New technologies are being introduced and translators need to learn to work with these specialized software solutions and tools to be able to translate efficiently.

Such software solutions include SAP and the SAP translation tools.  The most-used ERP software world-wide also requires translators to have particular expertise.

As a certified SAP translation partner, text&form is proud to possess this skill to be able to pass it on. Now you also have the chance to learn these skills. This autumn, we are offering a FREE intensive course on SAP software translation.

In the course of 3 days, the participants will learn everything there is to know about translating SAP software from scratch. Martin Lüdecke, director of SAP Translation at text&form, is a certified SAP trainer and will lead the course in our Berlin-Mitte office space

“Learn How To Translate SAP Software” is based on “ZDI220 – Software Translation at SAP”, a training course developed by SAP – so you can be sure that all necessary skills will be covered in this course.

After the successful completion of the course, all participants will receive a certificate from text&form.

Learn how to translate SAP software from recognized SAP translation experts!

SAP Translation Course

What: Translation Course ‘’Learn How to Translate SAP Software“

When: 5th – 7th October 2016

Where: Neue Grünstraße 25, 10179 Berlin

Language of the course: English (or German, depending on the participants)


  • You already have experience in translation
  • You are interested in software localization, particularly in SAP systems
  • You are able to attend the course with an adequate laptop


Read more and register at: Learn How To Translate SAP Software

Registration is binding.