DSAG-Globalization-Symposium 2016

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text&form is an exhibitor at the 7th DSAG-Globalization-Symposiumtext&form is proud to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at and sponsoring this year’s DSAG-Globalization-Symposium.

On June 9-10, SAP partners, customers and users will gather at andel’s Hotel in Berlin, Germany for this year’s Globalization Symposium, organized by DSAG.

Topics of the Symposium include Best Practices in Governance of Global Rollouts, Next Steps for Global Application Architecture and Globalization Basics.

SAP language consultancy and SAP translation partner text&form will be exhibiting at and sponsoring the event. Holger Hoffmann, Managing Partner, and Martin Lüdecke, Director of SAP Translation at text&form, will be representing text&form. If you are involved in the global rollout of your SAP systems, stop by our booth to discuss how text&form can support you in building, optimizing, and implementing your SAP translation strategy.

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Click here to read more about the Symposium: https://www.dsag.de/sites/default/files/invitation_glob_symp_2016.pdf

Register to attend the event: https://www.scherer-event.com/Globalization_Symposium_2016


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