SAPPHIRE NOW to demonstrate how languages help companies increase global reach

SAPPHIRE NOW[08.04.2019] Berlin – From May 7-9, 2019, the SAP world will converge on Orlando, Florida (Booth 1331B), USA, as part of SAPPHIRE NOW, and text&form will be there, showcasing how language can help companies grow and stay ahead of their competition. text&form combines innovation and translation with in-house SAP expertise to translate SAP custom developments, add-ons, and any other customizations companies make.

Many assume that the world speaks English, but it does not. In fact, only about 15% of the world’s population speaks English, whether as a native or foreign language. When switching internally to SAP, one of the best ways to get global teams on board is to make it available in their native languages. text&form has helped SAP customers like LEONHARD WEISS and Alpiq with their multilingual SAP rollouts. In addition, the company has helped SAP Solution Extensions partners like Utopia and Vistex expand their markets by greatly improving the local end-user experience.

Translating SAP customizations doesn’t follow the same workflow as translating technical documents, training materials, or other business applications: It requires knowledge of the SAP software environement, SAP terminology and translation tools, and more. Someone inexperienced in SAP translation might, for example, export all the texts to be translated into a spreadsheet and then translate. This costs extra time and money for many reasons:

  1. It ignores what SAP itself has already translated and made available via the SAP® Translation Hub.
  2. It removes the texts from their context, which increases the error rate of the translation and renders search-and-replace useless.
  3. The translation team will waste time translating duplicate words.
  4. It makes translations hard to maintain and leads to an unsustainable process.

text&form is both a certified SAP translation partner and one of only a handful of certified SAP Language Consultancy providers worldwide. It has developed several in-house solutions that improve the SAP translation process by using integrated workflow scenarios on a user interface.

During SAPPHIRE NOW, text&form’s representatives Martin Lüdecke (Director of SAP Translation), Danielle Faubert (Director of Globalization Solutions) and Christine Kühn (SAP Translation Consultant) will be on hand to help companies understand how translation can help their innovation.

Book your meeting for more information and visit us at our booth 1331B!


About text&form

text&form serves customers around the globe, translates into over 40 languages, and has one of the most widely recognized and accomplished SAP translation teams in the world. We specialize in software localization, SAP® translation, technical translation, and eLearning localization.

In addition, we’ve created solutions to help our global client base manage their translation and localization projects: tf-term, tf-connect, tf-externalize for SAP® Translation Hub, and Customizing Delta Translation Manager. We developed these solutions because we strongly believe that technology can increase the speed and accuracy of translation, a belief that has been confirmed project after project.

text&form offers language services of uncompromising quality that minimize time to project completion, reduce costs, and continue raising the bar for effective, accurate, and swift multilingual communication.

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