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Want to reach international customers? text&form helps international companies – from medium-sized to large corporations – communicate successfully with customers on a global scale. Be it user manuals or software solutions, websites or marketing catalogs: using the latest translation technology, we guarantee translations that are idiomatic and terminologically consistent in any language you need.

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text&form has been providing language services to companies in a variety of industries for more than 20 years. Why do they choose text&form? Read these testimonials from our clients about working with text&form to find out.

Translation, Localization, Internationalization – what’s the difference?

The world of translation services can be difficult to grasp. Translation, localization, internationalization – what exactly is the difference? Let us make sense of these terms for you.


Translation is the transfer of content from one language into another. Ideally, the translated text is indistinguishable as a translation. Attaining this ideal requires professional translators – experts, that is, like the ones at text&form.


Localization reaches beyond purely linguistic translation and includes adapting content to cultural and local norms as well as formatting conventions. It ensures, for example, that numbers, dates and times are properly represented and that cultural taboos and local legal regulations are respected. Translation and localization are often used synonymously. At text&form, our translations always include technical and/or cultural adaptations – unless, that is, it is not desired.


Internationalization originated in the field of software development and is used to describe the development of software that is independent of the target language and/or market in which it is used. Coding, for example, must also be amenable to non-European characters found in Asian linguistic systems. Or, a button on a user interface. It must be large enough to hold all of the necessary text regardless of the language or length of the text.


text&form always provides in-depth consultation before starting large, multilingual projects so that important aspects such as internationalization and localization are considered in advance.


Globalization summarizes all of the processes that are involved in the preparation and launch of a product on the international market. It includes not only localizing the product itself, but also the accompanying materials and translations in their respective communication channels. It also takes international trade regulations and eLearning production into consideration, and much more! text&form can advise and assist you in most of these matters.


Transcreation is the newest term on this list. It refers to creative translation of marketing and advertising texts. Even more so than localization, transcreation requires a high level of cultural and linguistic text adaptation in order to appeal to the local target market. Since transcreation entails copywriting, it should be left to professionals who are specialized in the target culture. Request transcreation when ordering translation of your website, advertising or marketing texts.

text&form offers professional and high-quality translation and localization services.

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