Your translation and localization projects in good hands. From inception through publication.

  • Software localization

    We localize software that ranges from the straight-forward to the weird and wonderful! If you need a specialized solution, we can create it. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again!

  • Technical translation

    Is your product called a widget or a gadget in your target markets? Our linguists have the domain expertise and the cultural acuity that you need to provide perfectly formulated content to your customers.

  • Multimedia localization

    We can help you deliver your audiovisual and interactive content to every corner of the globe by localizing your multimedia in the target languages you require, ensuring accuracy, consistency, cultural and linguistic adaptation.

  • Terminology management

    Proper terminology management is one of the most efficient ways to reduce time-to-market and translation cost. We help you Identify, translate, and propagate key technical terms, acronyms, unique phrases, etc.

  • SAP-Translation

    Our team consists of experienced SAP translators, project managers, and engineers with more than a million translated lines to their names. They are waiting to help you!

Quality: It’s an Attitude!

You want your deliverables on time and at a fair price. That’s clear, but it is not all! You also expect top quality. That’s natural; your written content is the window through which the world views you.


Achieving and maintaining the highest quality is our guiding principle. For that reason, we work only with qualified and tested, native-speaking translators.


We believe that although trust is good, monitoring is better. At text&form, quality is ensured by tailor-made quality processes and sophisticated technology applied under the watchful eye of highly trained linguistic specialists.


But knowledge and technology is not all; achieving consistent quality also requires an attitude, a way of thinking and working. That’s the work ethic that we cultivate, nurture, and reward at text&form.


That’s why your content is in the best of hands when it is cared for by us.

Quality Assurance Touchpoints

text&form offers professional and high-quality translation and localization services.

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