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Not localizing can leave you out of the running:


  • Companies trying to push their brand value over $10 billion USD by 2018 should plan to manage 12 or more languages on their website.
  • Companies in an aggressive growth stage should aim for 20 or more languages, including regional dialects for Spanish and English.
  • Offering multilingual services in English-speaking countries is being sought in sectors as diverse as health care, law enforcement, information technology, and hospitality.
  • In the EU, 90% of Internet users surveyed either strongly agreed or rather agreed that, if they have a choice of languages for a given website, they always choose their own language.


Localizing your software and multimedia simply makes sense: you’ll be able to drill in to more markets than your monolingual competition. After all, isn’t it nicer when companies speak your language?


But don’t just hire a translator: hire us. We’ll make sure your localization projects are consistent with your company’s brand, vision, and customers. That level of service requires a high level of expertise, and we can deliver.


Find out more about software localization, multimedia localization, or read some of our customer success stories.




text&form was really quick and accommodating to all our needs and responded very quickly and delivered on time and the end result was very good.

Julio Leal, Ciena, Head of Localization

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