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Typing on a foreign-language keyboard can turn your “quick email” into electronic snail mail. Why? Because you’ll find several letters in the “wrong” spots: your language, someone else’s tool. Working in a foreign language, even when proficient at it, has similar effects on productivity.


Offering your software and training documents in only one language can lower productivity:


  • The top 12 languages in the world by mother tongue are (starting with the highest number of speakers) Chinese (all dialects), Hindi-Urdu, English, Arabic, Spanish, Bengali, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, French, Italian
  • Cognitive processing in a foreign language causes more drain on mental resources even if the speaker is highly proficient in that language.
  • Chinese and Japanese speakers read top to bottom and then right to left; Arabic speakers read right to left, then top to bottom.
  • Some countries have legal requirements regarding the languages made available to employees and consumers, and these may supersede business language policies.


Employees and front-line workers can perform better if your ERP system, training material and/or technical documents are offered in their native language. The reason is simple: they can attend to the task at hand instead of the language they’re using. Even expanding to one additional language can help your company realize higher productivity.


At text&form, we make sure your translation projects are consistent with your company’s brand, vision, and people. That level of service requires a high level of expertise, and we can deliver. Find out more about our services by clicking the links below, or read what our customers are saying.



We have found the translations to be flawless so far. We have never had a problem anywhere at all. text&form is easily in the very top tier.

Inder Singh, Utopia Global, Vice-President of MDG-EAM Development

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