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eLearning Localization


Don‘t lose your end users‘ attention with images and stories that don‘t resonate. Does your content contain images and symbols that are specific to the English-speaking market? Are you telling stories that are hard to follow for someone in a different part of the world?

By developing training content customized to your local audiences‘ needs and cultures, you will enable your end-users to hit the ground running, learn fast, retain and expand their knowledge and competencies.

We localize your corporate training and eLearning materials effectively, within your budget and timeframe. We reduce time-to-market, ensure quality and consistency, and increase your productivity globally. text&form enables you to reach your international customers and employees effectively. In the language they understand best: their own.

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eLearning localization at a glance
  • Content translation
  • High-quality voice-overs
  • Graphics & animation localization
  • Video translation
  • Production in the authoring tool of your choice
  • Testing and QA

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