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Reduce Translation Costs for Customizing Entries with Customizing Delta Translation Manager

When translating entries in customizing tables, for example as part of an SAP rollout to an international location, it isn’t always obvious to identify which tables you need to translate. And, on top of that, you have to figure out which entries in these tables were created by you, and which ones were delivered by SAP. Our SAP add-on, Customizing Delta Translation Manager (CDTM), solves this problem, and enables a transparent and sustainable translation workflow.


Typically, only the customizing texts created or changed by your organization need to be translated. After all, most of the translations you need for the SAP standard entries are already available in the form of SAP language packs. But, how can you tell which texts came from SAP and which texts originated from your organization? The answer: Customizing Delta Translation Manager.


CDTM, an SAP add-on, identifies those texts, i.e. the delta, for you and helps you translate them. It only takes one look at a customizing snapshot taken by CDTM to realize how much work the tool can save you —  usually well above 40% of the total translation costs.


Customizing Delta Translation Manager also enables you to scope your translation project. It helps you decide which of the tables identified needs to be translated, and which ones to leave out. Each table can either be included or excluded from your scope. This enables you to plan your translation project and translate only what needs to be translated.


Once you’ve completed the scoping, CDTM retrieves all your texts from the customizing tables and prepares them for translation. After translation is finished, the translated texts will be written back into the original tables. Customizing Delta Translation Manager is fully integrated with the translation tools available in the SAP Standard, such as transaction SE63. It runs on systems with SAP Basis release 7.40 or higher.


Advantages of the Customizing Delta Translation Manager:

  • Reduces translation costs
  • Identifies customizing text tables changed within your organization
  • Isolates the entries you created from the ones delivered by SAP
  • Helps you scope your SAP translation project
  • Enables efficient and sustainable translation
  • Fully integrates with SAP’s translation tools

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