tf-externalize: The Long Text Exporter SAP Add-On

Translating SAP long texts doesn’t have to be a long process.

tf-externalize – The Long Text Exporter

Translating SAP texts has always been a complex affair, and nowhere does that ring more true than when it comes to SAPscript-based long texts (such as F1 help texts and Smart Forms). While innovations in recent years have opened up many new possibilies for SAP translation, they have almost exclusively benefited the translation of short texts. With tf-externalize, all that is about to change.


How does tf-externalize work?

Up until now, the standard translation workflow for SAPscript-based long texts involved manual translation in a bare-bones text editor. This meant that the translator did not have access to an integrated Translation Memory (TM), making the process time-consuming and not very cost-effective. Although SAP offers a proprietary translation memory system as part of translation transaction SE63, this can only be used for translation of short texts. That is why we have built an SAP Add-On that will allow you to export long texts into a translation-friendly file format, which can be processed with powerful industry-standard translation software.


By exporting the texts, tf-externalize enables translators to use translation memories and integrate terminology tools. This ensures a consistent use of terminology, and a higher turnaround on translation projects.


tf-externalize supports all SAP languages and integrates seamlessly with SE63.


To learn more about tf-externalize, please click the link below.

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