Translating SAP


Your customers are global.

Your SAP Add-Ons should be, too.

Translating SAP Add-Ons in all 40 official SAP languages.

Translating SAP Add-Ons


You develop and sell SAP Add-Ons? Are your clients asking when your add-ons will be available in more languages? Our SAP translation experts will localize your custom ABAP developments in up to 40 languages, assisting you with any technical and strategic questions along the way.


SAP translation is a complex endeavor, and it takes specialized expertise to avoid its many pitfalls. That’s where our team of experienced SAP translators, project managers and consultants with several million translated lines to their names comes into play. They are experts at using official SAP translation tools which include transactions SE63 and LXE_MASTER to develop a translation strategy tailored to your needs.


If you decide to work with text&form, we will set up the translation environment in your SAP system, ensure correct use of SAP terminology, and of course translate your SAP user interfaces in transaction SE63.

Translating your SAP Add-Ons means:
  • Defining the scope of your project and determining the translation costs
  • Setting up your SAP system for translation
  • Complete, correct and cost-efficient SAP translation into all 40 official SAP languages
  • Assisting you with technical and strategic questions
  • A large network of qualified and experienced SAP translators

SAP Translation



Certified SAP Language Consultancy Partner

SAP Language Services Supplier of the Year 2014-2015

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