Richard Sikes to speak at Information Development World 2014

Richard Sikes is a speaker at Attendees at Information Development World 2014 will have the opportunity to listen to Richard Sikes speak about Best Practices for Multimedia Localization.

On October 22-24, the Information Development World conference in San José, California will feature workshops, demonstrations, and presentations for technical, marketing and product information developers interested in providing engaging customer-centric content.

Richard Sikes, Managing Director at text&form Inc. will join the conference as a speaker where he will provide the audience with insights into best practices for multimedia localization. Based on real-world examples from text&form’s in-house multimedia department, Sikes will provide tips and key concepts for content creators and engineers along with translators on how to prepare their content so as to avoid multilingual issues specific to audiovisual translation and multimedia localization.

Information Development World is a conference that seeks to help organizations create exceptional customer experiences revolving around content. The conference brings together professionals who create and manage content in all its stages, from content strategists, technical communicators to translators and customer assistance specialists. Covering such topics as content strategy, content engineering, digital publishing, technical communication and analytics, the conference will seek to demystify methods, standards and tools needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences on all channels.

See the full conference schedule on the official Information Development World website.