text&form at the 2015 Lectora User Conference

Lectora User conference in NashvilleE-learning projects that appeal to learners regardless of language. Localized versions of your e-learning material that enhance user experience and increase productivity in foreign subsidiaries.

Does that sound like music to your ears? Then you should join us at the Lectora User Conference in Nashville, Tennessee  this April!  And if you are interested in incorporating localization into your international content development, be sure to attend the breakout session “Best Practices for Localizing Graphics and Video” on April 30. In this session by Richard Sikes from text&form and Marlon Oneid from YouAchieve, you will discover the perks and necessities of localizing your e-learning content properly.

About the Lectora User Conference
Over the course of two days, hundreds of Lectora and CourseMill users will gather for the annual conference for the chance to network with like-minded individuals, attend inspiring keynotes and participate in valuable training sessions.

Please visit the official Lectora User Conference site for the full schedule and list of sessions.
Photo courtesy of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation