text&form ist Mitglied von TAUS

Berlin, November 25, 2013. text&form announced today that it has joined the platform for industry-shared translation services, TAUS. TAUS is a global translation automation user society that brings corporations, companies and universities together to shape the future of language technology.

The need for translation is constantly increasing and with it the need for powerful and intelligent translation technology. By providing a platform for its members to share their knowledge, experience and language data, TAUS plays an important role in facilitating innovation and increasing the size and impact of the translation industry.

“Nothing enables rapid industry development quite like knowledge-sharing. We are proud to be able to utilize our own experience in the field of translation technology, especially with regards to machine translation, with other industry stakeholders to further language technology innovation,” says Kim Harris, CEO of text&form, about the membership.

About text&form
text&form is a top global language service provider based in Berlin. Founded in 1996, text&form has grown organically into various innovative areas of the industry and remains at the forefront of language technology. Visit text&form for more information: www.textform.com

About TAUS
Founded in 2004, TAUS is an innovation think tank and platform for industry-shared services, resources and research in the global translation industry. Learn more about TAUS on their website: www.taus.net