Wanted: Word nerds who can see
the forest and the trees

Does incorrect Grammar make you cringe? Is Lost in Translation your favorite movie, because you are fascinated not only by the compelling story but also by the suspense of linguistic and cultural contrasts? Then the only remaining question is: Do you want to join us and play with words, or would you rather watch from the sidelines? By the way: Tech nerds are also welcome.

Openings for full-time positions

Are you a team player who also likes to contribute their own ideas? And do you already have experience in the language services industry? Are you outgoing and a technophile? Do you speak two languages fluently – or even more? Then let’s meet up!

Freelance openings

When it comes to our translations, at text&form, we leave nothing to chance. We rely on a network of freelance translators and specialized agencies that has grown over the years. But we are growing, and with us, our translation needs. Interested?