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Language is the cornerstone of your image. That is why you should expect language and translation services that not only offer a quick turnaround and fair price, but whose quality is outstanding.


Our job is to both achieve and maintain the highest level of quality possible. To do this, we work with qualified translators who have been thoroughly vetted by us – they are, of course, also native speakers.


When it comes to translation quality, verification is of utmost importance. Our customized quality assurance (QA) processes and tried and tested techniques ensure that our translations are impeccable. Our suppliers undergo a demanding recruiting process and we constantly check to ensure that they adhere to our rigorous quality standards. Since quality is also a matter of having the right perspective and experience, we rely on the competence and expertise of our partners.

text&form is ISO 17100 Certified

ISO 17100 is an international norm that governs process requirements for translation service providers. These norms prescribe the prerequisites that translation service providers, and also providers of other services, such as desktop publishing, multimedia localization or terminology management, must satisfy in order to meet specific industry quality standards. Requirements such as these are intended to ensure high quality translations and thus include rules regarding the implementation of key processes in the translation workflow as well as translator and project management competency and IT security.


This ISO norm replaced the European EN 15038 norm in 2015 and has since gained worldwide recognition. Translation service providers must prove that they fulfill these requirements during a two-day, intensive onsite audit. text&form passed this audit with flying colors in 2016, thus formally proving what has been standard practice at the company for years: standardized processes with strict quality management controls in a secured environment.


Why is This Important for You?

This certification confirms that text&form uses processes that allow for continuous qualitative verification of its translations. Customer and project data is kept secure at all times and protected from misuse. text&form’s suppliers possess highly specialized expertise and must provide record of their qualifications.


In addition, we not only require, but also promote, continuous professional development for our colleagues and suppliers so that we remain on top of the latest industry developments.


text&form’s customers rely on verified processes, high project transparency and maximum data security. Our high-performance IT infrastructure ensures that your confidential information is safe at all times. Our modern translation and management technologies ensure efficient processes that avoid redundancy in the project cycle.


That is our promise to you.

If you have questions concerning quality management, please contact us at qm@textform.com.

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ISO 17100:2015

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