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This is nothing new to you: A consistent corporate language ensures a uniform appearance, gives your organization a high recognition value and helps to avoid misunderstandings. This applies to both your source texts and your translations. But how do you keep track of so many technical terms and nomenclatures?

text&form has the answers for you, and we’ll support you with linguistic expertise and effective tools. No term is too small and no database too large for us.

We not only take your terminological requirements into account in all localization processes, but we also maintain and expand your specialized terminology in source and target languages according to your specifications. And we also ensure continuous database synchronization with your systems. In short:

Your corporate language
is in safe hands with us

Our terminology services
at a glance

  • Term casting
  • Term classification
  • Translation / localization of terms
  • Tool consulting
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Database synchronization with other resources

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tf-term: simply professional
terminology management

You disseminate knowledge with your corporate publications. But that’s not all: You also communicate your brand’s message. That’s why you want your company to speak with one voice in all your publications. But how can this be ensured across a variety of authors, text types and languages? The key is efficient terminology management.

What do we mean by that? Knowledge is conveyed through words. Knowledge can only be communicated successfully if all participants use the same term for the same subject or fact. In this way you avoid misunderstandings, costly inquiries and inconsistent content. The need for consistent terminology begins in the source language and continues with the translation into the target languages. This is where tf-term comes into play:

tf-term: home base for your
company’s terminology

tf-term was developed by the language experts at text&form to provide companies with an inexpensive entry into professional terminology management. The server-based online system allows you to define, manage and deploy your company terminology. Authors, translators and terminologists worldwide have access to the same term databases and can expand them by any number of languages. A role-based user administration allows granular access rights to be asssigned. You can add definitions, images and usage notes to terms. And you can add status and system information according to your own approval processes.

And the best thing about it: tf-term’s operation is so simple and intuitive, you almost forget that it is a full-fledged professional tool. This makes terminology work fun. And it helps you develop your corporate language consistently.

tf-term allows you to

  • work via a browser
  • derive terms from other uses
  • search through multiple term databases at the same time
  • link terms
  • manage individual users
  • import and export term inventories

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