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How to increase your
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Why is website localization important at all? Imagine going to your grocery store around the corner and all the signs, product names, packaging and prices are in a foreign language (one you may not even understand) and in a foreign currency. When you go to pay, you’re supposed to scan your goods and pay by debit card using an automatic system. However, the user interface of the scan system is also in a foreign language. Would you spend money at that store?
Or would you rather shop in a store where you understand the specials exactly, can find qualified staff to help you if needed and have your questions answered? The decision is easy: you would pick the second option.

This imaginary grocery store is your website.
Just like you’d prefer to shop in a store that speaks your language, so, too, would your customers. Localizing your website into the languages of the markets you want to sell your products to is a key step in increasing traffic to your website and boosting the number of online purchases.

Your website is
your door to the world

Your way to potential customers. Studies show that 90% of Internet users in the EU prefer websites in their own language.
Moreover, the Forbes top 50 companies offer their websites in an average of 17 languages.
[Source: Common Sense Advisory]

The message is clear: The key to higher conversion rates
lies in language

Website Localization: Services Overview

  • Analysis of your web content with subsequent consulting on cost-saving translation processes
  • Localization of your content,| hyperlinks,| and interactive content
  • Review of visual content
  • International search engine optimization

Together with you, we’ll develop an optimal strategy and select the right tools for your localization process.



Project Manager

Website localization at text&form

Together, we’ll decide on the best tools and strategy to localize your website. We’ll also determine whether the text exported from the content management system can be read into our translation environment and whether the translated texts can be returned to the original system without copying and pasting them back in.

In addition, we check whether all translatable content is contained in the export file and ensure that non-translatable parts (e.g., structural elements) are protected. Then the project manager at text&form prepares a pseudo translation (a technical simulation of the actual translation) that you or your web agency can test in your website’s content management system. In this way, problematic sections or technical challenges are noticed even before the actual translation into several languages begins.

Also, our support doesn’t stop once the translation is complete. Websites aren’t static entities but constantly changing environments. If required, text&form can set up a workflow for you that facilitates localizing regular website updates.

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