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  • text&form turned 24!
    text&form turned 24!
    We don’t usually announce our birthday: it’s a German thing ☺. But these days, every little piece of good news matters, so we wanted to share it with you. We’ve turned 24! Thank you to our customers and partners for your support, and we look forward to working with you as the world works together [...]
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  • COVID-19 News
    COVID-19 News
    Dear customers, colleagues and friends, like the rest of the world, we at text&form closely follow current developments in connection with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although the urgency of the situation requires some adjustments in our work processes, this will not affect our commitment [...]
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  • EAMT Conference 2020: Call For Papers for MT Industry Users Ends March 6th!
    EAMT Conference 2020: Call For Papers for MT Industry Users Ends March 6th!
    UPDATE ON 13.03.2020: The EAMT annual conference in Lisbon 2020 was postponed on the week of November 2 to 6, 2020. Exact dates will be announced soon. In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak in Europe and subsequent travel and congregation restrictions being imposed by governments, the EAMT team [...]
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  • Pancake (Localization) Day at text&form
    Pancake (Localization) Day at text&form
    We localized our pancakes today at text&form and this is our delicious, authentic German version of what we eat to celebrate Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday/ Fetter Dienstag/ Martedì Grasso ). Pancakes exist in diverse forms all over the world and although there are similarities, they are never quite [...]
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  • The International Mother Language Day at text&form
    The International Mother Language Day at text&form
    Canopée, Courriel, 花好月圆,Wonne, Cachivache, Ephemeral, с подвыподвертом,  Verschlimmbessern. We have many different mother languages here at text&form and these are a few of our favorite words in those languages. To read more about untranslatable words, the langauges we dream in and which [...]
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  • In-house training on XML, InDesign and FrameMaker
    In-house training on XML, InDesign and FrameMaker
    On 11th and 12th February, text&form hosted Daniel Zielinkski, trainer and managing director of the training and consulting service provider loctimize. The workshop focused on processing XML files in SDL Trados Studio and handling InDesign and FrameMaker files. This is what satisfied certificate [...]
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  • From the Language Lab
    From the Language Lab
    What are the latest trends and most proven developments? How is the language industry changing? How is it staying the same? In “From the Language Lab,” you’ll find thought leadership from the fields of linguistics, translation, and communication sciences. These articles aren’t just from us, though. [...]
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  • 新年快樂 – Happy New Year
    新年快樂 – Happy New Year
    在2020鼠年即将到来之际,祝您和您的家人健康快乐、幸福如意! To our friends, families, and acquaintances who are bringing in the Year of the Rat, we wish you a prosperous and bountiful New Year!
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  • International Thank-You Day
    International Thank-You Day
      International Thank-You Day is an annual celebration observed on January 11th of every year. All of us at text&form are thankful for being able to work day in and out in languages. And we can do that because of the amazing clients and partners who work with us so they, too, can speak [...]
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    Our donation campaign has been extended until 20th January 2020. This year text&form made a charitable donation to the Ngulu Nursery Project, a nursery school in Tanzania run by Barbara Wohanka. Barbara is the managing director of t’works GmbH, so it’s through this wonderful change in our [...]
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  • significant quotes from 2019
    significant quotes from 2019
    Slator’s look back at significant quotes from 2019 underlines the continuing impact of technology and particularly NMT in the language sector. The value of human input is also prevalent and combining both will certainly be an ever present trend for 2020. These industry leaders suggest that while [...]
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  • Word of the Year 2019
    Word of the Year 2019
    As we are coming to the end of 2019 here are a few of the suggestions for ‘Word of the Year’ from well-known institutions and the media: The British Collins Dictionary has chosen “Climate Strike”, while Oxford Dictionaries has opted for a similar “Climate Emergency”. A real sign of the times. [...]
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