Language services

So, you’re looking to successfully reach your international customers? At text&form, we support internationally operating businesses – from medium-sized companies to global corporations – in effectively speaking to their target customers, no matter the language or medium. Whether manuals or software solutions, websites or marketing catalogues, with the latest translation technologies and our stringent quality standards, we ensure that your documents are translated consistently, idiomatically and on time.

Software localization

More than just the interface.

Technical translation

Technical translation is far more than looking up terms in a specialized dictionary: it requires technical understanding and linguistic skill. We have both.

SAP translation

As a long-standing SAP partner, we not only know all the tricks of the trade in SAP translation, but we also have access to a large pool of qualified SAP translators. In other words, you can leave your SAP translation project in our hands and trust that we'll complete the project to our exacting standards.

Website localization

Your website is your window to the world. Increase your traffic and open up new target markets with a professionally localized website.

Project management

Personal consultation with our experts.

Terminology management

You have the terms. And we have the tools to manage them. Using a process that is well-organized, efficient and safe. That's how we streamline your corporate terminology.

Multimedia localization

Do you create sophisticated multimedia content? We have a recording studio, professional speakers and a team of experts that will recreate that sophistication in different languages and cultures. Need anything else? Learn how multimedia localization can strengthen your brand around the world.

Translation Tools

Our project managers and translators work not only with the latest technologies on the market but also with our proprietary tools. That makes us fast, efficient and consistent. If you want to know exactly which tools we use, you've come to the right place.

Translation, localization, internationalization –
what’s what?

The world of language services can sometimes seem confusing. Translation, localization, internationalization – what are the differences, actually? We’ll show you the way through the jungle of jargon.


"Translation" means transferring content from one language to another. Ideally, the translation will no longer be recognized as a translation. This requires professional translators, i.e., experts. Like those we use exclusively at text&form for our translations.


This goes far beyond the mere linguistic transmission of texts: it's also about the adaptation of content to cultural or geographical conditions and formatting conventions. This includes the presentation of figures, times and data as well as the consideration of local legal regulations and cultural taboos in images, icons, and symbols. Translation and localization are often used synonymously. At text&form, a translation always includes technical or cultural adjustments, unless the customer wants something different.


This term comes from software development. The aim here is to develop new software in such a way that it can be used independently of the target language and the area of use. This includes, for example, making encoding possible for non-European character sets, such as Asian fonts, or making buttons large enough to hold text strings in each target language, regardless of the run length. For this reason, text&form provides extensive consulting prior to large multilingual translation projects: We'll discuss all important questions regarding internationalization and localization with you in advance.


This term covers all processes that are necessary for the preparation and implementation of an international product launch. It includes not only the localization of the product itself, but also, for example, all accompanying materials, translations in the corresponding communication channels, the consideration of international trade regulations, the creation of e-learning materials and much more. text&form can advise and effectively support you almost every step of the way.


Transcreation is a fairly new term in the translation industry, and it describes a very creative side to translation. Transcreation goes beyond pure, source-oriented translation and requires a strong cultural and linguistic adaptation of the target text to the target market. Therefore, this service also includes a creatively designed component and is best performed by specialized professionals. Ask for transcreation if you would like to have your web, advertising or marketing texts adapted to your target market.

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