text&form customer portal

You have just handed the product catalogue or technical manual over for translation and the marketing department already wants changes.
Additionally, the developers have changed a few software features.
But your colleague edited the file in question, and now she's on vacation.
Did she order the translation before she left?
Shouldn't the files be on the FTP server, then?
Perhaps the service provider has already delivered the Spanish translation?
Or was that the Portuguese one?
Log in to the text&form customer portal, where you can manage all your quotes and projects conveniently and clearly in a dashboard overview.
You can also check the translation status and the scheduled delivery dates.
Because you can view your invoices at any time, you can always keep an eye on your costs.
Can't find a recent file delivery anymore?
No problem: Simply download the files again.

Specially designed for translation projects

  • Detailed user management
  • Short learning curve due to intuitive user interface
  • Dashboard with an overview of all your projects and offers
  • Data protection with strict security protocols
  • Multiple downloads possible
  • Flexible reporting
  • Cost management support

Project overview

Overview of quotes

Sound interesting?