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By working with our multimedia localization specialists, you ensure that your project meets the highest standards of translation, production and publishing – from your first contact with us to the joint post-mortem analysis of the entire project.

In short:
Our work will exceed your expectations.

Whether you want to produce a series of videos for your YouTube channel, product demonstrations for your website, or e-learning resources for your international employees, text&form will keep your company voice consistent across languages and cultures.

We have the resources and tools
to make your multimedia localization a success

text&form offers a wide range of multimedia localization services and we have the resources to scale them up.

Video translation

Have you – in applications such as product packaging – also noticed that some languages need more space than others to say the same thing? Since video content inherently contains a time component, perfect timing is crucial in synchronizing the corresponding audio track along with the visual elements.

That’s why you need specialists like text&form who take care of the video translation for you.


Subtitling is a budget-friendly way to reach customers and employees of different languages on a multimedia basis. At text&form, we not only translate your audiovisual content but also produce subtitled versions.


Localization via voice-over adds an extra level of authenticity to your multimedia content.
Because then your target group can truly hear your message and not have to read it in the subtitles.
We offer full voice-over service, from high-quality translation to audio dubbing and audio-video production.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you localize your audiovisual content for your international audience.

How we translate your video

  • Workflow Consulting
  • Transcription / script preparation
  • Audiovisual Translation / Editing
  • Subtitling (spotting, translation and production)
  • Professional voice recordings
  • Sound editing and processing
  • Video post production incl. localization of screen texts and graphics

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Head of Multimedia Localization

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