text&form has now partnered with Globalese MT to add neural machine translation to the expertise we offer

Globalese MT ist unser Partner in Sachen neuronale maschinelle Übersetzung

After long and intensive testing and subsequent consultation with our sister companies in t’works, we’re happy to announce that Globalese MT is now our partner for neural machine translation.

The new artificial translators are hosted on our own servers, which makes them the most secure on the market. The new, untrained engines achieved very satisfactory results. Once we began training them with our own data, those results improved significantly.

Machine translation is an exciting and rapidly developing sub-sector of the translation industry. We’ve doubled down on our efforts to use this technology effectively without compromising on quality and accuracy. We want to ensure that the results of machine translation (MT) and post-editing are equivalent to those of human translation, which is why evaluating MT quality is a high priority for us. In addition, we’re dedicated to providing our staff with continued training in machine translation. In time, we hope to contribute to the advancement of the translation industry with our own use cases and scenarios.

All text&form customers can now benefit from neural machine translation.

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