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About us
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We inhabit a space in which information is central. We believe that effective multilingual communication requires three attributes: factual correctness, elegant wording, and an appealing layout. We apply those three guidelines to all our endeavours on your behalf.


Welcome to the world of text&form.

  • Software localization

    text&form has served leading software publishers and hardware manufacturers with localization services for almost 20 years. Our linguists, project managers, and engineers have vast experience in working with conventional and unconventional file formats and environments. We understand that, for our customers, only one goal counts: that their programs and user interfaces operate correctly and intuitively in the target languages.

  • Technical translation

    Do you envision reaching the world with your products and messaging? Do you want to expand into new markets? Do you want to provide your customers and potential customers with comprehensive information? Do you want to train your foreign employees? If so, then you have come to the right place.

    Difficult technical concepts need to not only be accurately translated, but also expressed in intuitively readable form. Our native-speaking translators and editors have the knowhow, the experience, and the proven talent to produce unparalleled accuracy and readability.

  • Multimedia localization

    Audiovisual media have become a de facto standard in a wide array of corporate communications. This is no surprise; today’s multimedia technology can create completely new and innovative avenues of presentation for your company. Multimedia empowers you to reach out and to appeal to customer and employee sentiment in a more direct and easily accessible manner.

    text&form ensures that your multimedia presentations look, feel, and sound natural – yet true to the original – in any language you need.

  • Terminology management

    Consistent terminology is essential to effective corporate communication. The words you use to describe your products, your services, and your overall corporate image create the impression your current and potential customers have of you. Diffuse terminology paints a fuzzy picture. text&form can help you identify inconsistent terminology and focus on how you express yourself, both in your native language and in the native languages of your business partners.

  • SAP Translation

    Translation in the world of SAP – Germany’s largest software publisher – is a very different beast than “conventional” localization. But we’ve been doing it for nearly 10 years, and we’ve gotten good at it!  In fact, we’ve gotten so good that we received the coveted “SAP Translation Partner of the Year” award in 2010. This is nice for us, but it is a competitive advantage for you. If you need SAP-related translation, choose the vendor with proven expertise: text&form!

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