donation instead of gifts

an initiative by text&form
to help the Ngulu nursery school in Tanzania,
a project run by Barbara Wohanka.


Barbara Wohanka has been supporting a special Montessori nursery school in the Maassai savanna in Ngulu for over 12 years. She used her own funds to build it and to this day still supports the nursery school financially. In addition, she arranged Montessori training for the head nursery teacher. The people in Ngulu have few sources of income. Barbara, her companies and her friends bear the costs for the ongoing maintenance, meals and upkeep of the nursery school.


Tanzania is one of the ten poorest countries in the world and 60% of its budget consists of donations. This also means the coffers are chronically empty. In view of the rapidly growing population, providing adequate education is an undeniable challenge.

As a result, initiatives for the construction, equipping and operation of nursery schools have been started around the country. In cooperation with Tanzanian authorities, church representatives, mayors, villagers and German sponsors, countless buildings and projects have been and are being created by various aid organisations.


Nursery school Mbosho Barbara Wohanka

This year, we at text&form have decided to do something different. We’ve always bought Christmas gifts for our customers: we appreciate your business and value the trust you place in us to properly, quickly, and accurately translate and localize your content and software. We hope you’ll agree with us, though, that Barbara’s nursery schools will benefit greatly if we donate the money to them.
If you’d like, you can also donate to Barbara’s nursery schools with just a few clicks.
Join us. Your contribution will make a difference.