Cracking the Language Barrier – LREC 2016 Workshop

On May 24, 2016, the Slovenian Town of Portorož will see translation experts taking part in the LREC 2016 Workshop “Translation Evaluation: From Fragmented Tools and Data Sets to an Integrated Ecosystem.”

The workshop seeks to bring together researchers working on MT and HT (which stands for machine and human translation) evaluation with service providers and tool users. The goal is to integrate different technologies and methodologies used in the translation industry and at research institutes, in order to better compare and reproduce evaluation results. The workshop is part of LREC 2016, the 10th edition of the Languages Resouces and Evaluation Conference.

The workshop is divided into three consecutive sessions, of which text&form is represented twice in session three “Evaluation Tools and Metrics.”

At 12 pm, Katrin Marheinecke, Business Process Officer at text&form will be giving a presentation on the topic of quality metrics in a machine translation scenario. “Can Quality Metrics Become the Drivers of Machine Translation Uptake? An Industry Perspective.”

She is followed by Kim Harris, Managing Partner at text&form, who will speak about “Technology Landscape for Quality Evaluation: Combining the Needs of Research and Industry.”


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