text&form Becomes Certified SCHEMA Bronze Partner

text&form becomes SCHEMA Bronze Partner

Berlin, July 5, 2016

Language services provider text&form, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, recently achieved Certified Bronze Partner status for SCHEMA, one of the most widely used editing and content management systems worldwide. The certification reflects the increasing number of businesses that are aiming to streamline complex product information processes while simultaneously meeting the growing demand to write –and translate– good technical content.

SCHEMA ST4 is a freely configurable content management system that offers comprehensive information management support. It is one of the most popular systems among text&form clients, increasing the need to enhance the range of integrated language service solutions text&form offers to include customized and efficient multilingual content solutions adapted to its customers’ CMS. Certificaton as an official SCHEMA Service Provider and Bronze Partner was awarded after the successful completion of SCHEMA ST4 training by text&form technology experts.

“As a Certified SCHEMA Bronze Partner, we now combine our translation expertise with in-depth knowledge in SCHEMA ST4 integration. This allows us provide our clients with better, more streamlined ways to efficiently integrate their editing, translation and publication processes in the development of their technical content, while relying on fast turnarounds and the quality they have come to expect from text&form,” says Thomas Ossowski, Managing Partner at text&form.


SCHEMA – Complex Documents Made Easy!
SCHEMA Group was founded in 1995 in Nuremberg and today has around 110 employees. SCHEMA ST4 is an XML-based editing and content management system, offering extensive features for all aspects of the creation, management, translation, quality management, publication and distribution of product information of any kind. SCHEMA ST4’s scalability makes it suitable for small editing teams as well as for company-wide solutions for information logistics. SCHEMA ST4 can be used as a standard product or a customer-specific solution. With the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server, information can be distributed intelligently to all common platforms, independently of SCHEMA ST4.

Further Information: www.schema.de


The global language service provider text&form was founded by four translators in 1996 in Berlin, Germany, with offices in Canada and the UK. The company is characterized by its tailor-made language services, its flexibility in customer service, as well as its constantly high level of multilingual translation quality. text&form clients benefit from over 20 years of experience and expertise in the area of technical translation, software and multimedia localization, SAP translation, and language consulting services including technology uptake and integration, translation workflow and terminology management. text&form belongs to the top 100 global language service providers and has twice been named the SAP Language Services Supplier of the Year, most recently in 2015.

Additional information: www.textform.com


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