tf-externalize – The SAP Translation Add-On That Lets You Decide
tf-externalize for SAP® Translation Hub

Did you know that many of the SAP user interface texts in your custom SAP developments have been translated before?

tf-externalize for SAP® Translation Hub is an add-on that helps you easily access those translations from SAP Translation Hub. And we make sure that they fit your custom developments perfectly.


Nobody likes to pay for something that is unnecessary. This isn’t any different when it comes to translating ABAP-based texts. That’s why we’ve developed a solution that will significantly reduce your overall cost while preserving translation quality.


tf-externalize taps into the vast archive of translations from SAP and retrieves translations from SAP Translation Hub for your texts. These translations are then reviewed and adapted by our translators to ensure that they match the context of your specific custom developments.


With tf-externalize you can either export the texts to translate using translation industry tools or translate directly in SE63.

Advantages of tf-externalize
  • Significantly reduces translation costs
  • Ensures high translation quality by enabling review steps
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Offers full integration with SAP’s translation tools (SE63)
  • Allows reuse of translations from other sources, such as SAP Language Packs
How does tf-externalize for SAP® Translation Hub work?
  • Runs in SAP GUI as an ABAP-based add-on
  • Connects to SAP Translation Hub via its API
  • Sends your texts to SAP Translation Hub and finds matching translations
  • Allows professional translators to review those texts
  • Safely imports the reviewed texts back into your system

Simply experience SAP® Translation Hub

The proof is in the pudding

tf-externalize was developed by SAP translation experts at text&form. text&form is a certified SAP Translation and SAP Language Consultancy Partner. The company has been named SAP Language Services Partner of the Year twice.

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