You devote infinite attention to your technology.


Your translation partner should, too.

Technical translation at a glance
  • Content evaluation
  • Process adaptation and tool selection
  • Pre- and post-processing of diverse file formats
  • Translation, editing, proofing; supported by current generation industry tools
  • Adaptation to cultural and technical norms
  • Desktop publishing and layout QA

Technical Translation

At first glance, it might seem that all you need to translate technical documentation is a good grasp of the language and technical expertise. But we know it takes more than that. It takes the right technology. Our translators and editors use the translation memory technology of your choice and manage your corporate terminology.


To ensure that your company gets the best service possible, we will ask you for clarification if we encounter any ambiguities; after all, communication is our business, and accuracy is our highest priority.


So much for the text, but what about the presentation?


Our desktop publishing services ensure that your target-language publications look as beautiful as your source content – or even better, if that is what you want. From product brochures to assembly instructions, from marketing catalogues to white papers, we see to it that your products and documentation speak the language of your customers and employees. Worldwide!

Ensuring linguistic fit and finish – anywhere in the world! 



Certified in accordance with ISO 17100

Your Point of Contact for Technical Translation 

Sebastian Matzner-Reska 

Senior Project Manager

Case study: SEW-Eurodrive

When SEW-Eurodrive decided to centralize their localization strategy and implementation, text&form impressed with its comprehensive concept with integrated translation and terminology solutions. Today text&form translates the technical documentation in up to 25 languages. Read the case study here.



Our references for technical translation:


Hama – Kunde bei text&form Sennheiser


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