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Terminology Management

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Every business has its own unique corporate language. People in other sectors may consider your terminology “alien,” but it facilitates and simplifies communication in your industry. Some terms are used widely in your sector. Others are specific to your company.


Our terminology management ensures that your brand is represented properly and consistently in all languages. In every corner of the globe.


Creating, implementing and maintaining a terminology database – using the software you prefer – not only guarantees ongoing language and brand consistency. Identifying key technical terms, acronyms, unique phrases, etc. also decreases both translation and review cycle times, reducing time-to-market and your costs.

Terminology Management Services
  • Termcasting (term extraction)
  • Term classification
  • Term translation and localization
  • Tool consulting
  • Database creation and management
  • Synchronizing databases with other resources

We’ll find the perfect terminology solution for every customer. You can take our word for it!

Your Point of Contact for Terminology Management 

Thomas Ossowski 

Managing Partner


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