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Running Translation and Development in Parallel for SAP Fiori Apps

i18n Translation Manager
for SAP® Fiori

The add-on for SAP Fiori translation, by LUDECKE

Translating an SAP Fiori app often means working with texts
both from the app itself and the SAP backend.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

No longer.

Our SAP language consultancy partner LUDECKE has developed the i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori, a streamlined solution that collects SAP texts from both SAP Fiori apps and the SAP backend, creating a single workflow for your translation team.

We should add the following: a single, complete workflow for your translation team. The tool also manages your entire translation process. It picks the texts directly from the BSP applications, prepares them for translation, and writes the completed translations back safely. It also automatically updates your Git repositories for each app, taking manual file handling out of the equation. This makes it possible to decouple development and translation and then implement an end-to-end translation workflow.

Read About the Benefits of  i18n Translation Manager  in More Detail

Here’s what you can do with
i18n Translation Manager:

» Scan and analyze all Fiori apps in your development packages (or just a single app)

» Check texts out for translation and perform safe write-backs to ensure that existing translations are not overwritten by accident

» Maintain proper version control by automatically committing new translations to your Git repositories

» Free up development resources and avoid copy-and-paste errors by getting rid of manual file handling

» Work with one translation worklist by translating texts from user interfaces in your Fiori apps along with the ABAP backend

i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori is made by our SAP language consultancy partner LUDECKE and distributed by text&form.​ 

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